Do the Dew

There are some people who should be locked-up and jailed for the rest of their lives, based only on the infraction, and without their day in court. This is one of those dirtbags.

A disturbing case was discovered Tuesday about a Central Ohio man who allegedly told police he likes to drink the urine of adolescent boys.

Alan Patton, 54, is in jail after allegedly telling Gahanna police that he enjoys drinking urine.

Detective Ron Fithen interviewed Patton after he was arrested while leaving a movie theater last weekend.

“Listening to his describe it, it’s like listening to a crack or cocaine addict. He’s addicted to children’s urine,” Fithen said.

According to police, Patton said he’s been drinking urine for years.

“He told us he’s been doing it over 40 years, since he was 7 years old,” Fithen said.

Police said Patton goes to family restaurants and movie theaters and waits for boys in a bathroom stall.

Patton allegedly told police that he leaves the stall after the child leaves.

“He goes back and retrieves the cup and drinks the urine,” Fithen said.

Police said Patton told them it makes him sick, but that it’s almost spiritual to him. He allegedly added, “I like it because it makes me closer to them—like I’m drinking their youth.”

A New Albany father played a role in Patton’s arrest. He told someone at a movie theater that Patton was staring at his son in the bathroom. The theater employee then called police.

Officials said Patton is a registered sexual predator, who was convicted of rape 13 years ago.

Police believe Patton has been collecting and drinking urine in cities around Central Ohio, including Hilliard, Westerville, Dublin, Worthington and Gahanna.

Ah man, that’s just gross.