I don't often do this

But I’m gonna.

I just finished watching the debut episode of CBS’s new series, The Unit, and I gotta say that it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time.

Best line: Dennis Haysbert (part of elite unit, pointing at outraged FBI agents who are trying to stop the rescue mission), “You, you and you - panic. The rest of you come with me.”

Worth a look.

Palestinian Folly

Well....this part of our blog will be an instructional description on how to destroy your country.

1. Dedicate every energy of your society to hate an adjacent country, solely because of the fact that they exist. Note that this adjacent country has had the ability to utterly destroy you for decades, but hasn’t at the request of the United States.

2. Elect a terrorist group that has pledged to destroy the powerful nation that is adjacent to you. Put them in charge of every facent of government.

3. As the terrorist group-turned-ruling party, you strip the only recognized head of state your fledgling country has of all his political power, and begin eliminating political adversaries.

4. After eliminating any political safety net you might have had created for you over the last 20 years, and turning the majority of the world against you (as well as the President and people of the United States), perpetrate an act of war against that more powerful nation.

Good God.

I would have IDF tanks in every little hamlet of ‘Palestine’ before the end of the week, their government buildings burnt to the ground, their infrastructure bombed, and their power out.

Then, after the initial attack, drop leaflets. They would simply say, in English and Arabic, “Peace and Prosperity, or War, Poverty, and Death. Decide now.”

And, as the ‘Palestinians’ would most assuredly choose to fight, defeat them, build a wall around your border, and let them kill themselves.

This crap makes me sick. I mean....where’s the sense in what Hamas is doing? They aren’t even following principles of civilization! Not even natural principles! They can’t win a fight against Israel...that is very clear.

I’m pissed. Leave comments.